Took Science of Psych in Fall 2016; As a non-science major who has absolutely zero interest in the sciences, this class wasn't that bad.

Professor Lindemann is a good professor, is really nice, and knows the material well. If you pay attention, do the extra credit, and actually study, it would be easy to get good grades (I P/D/F'ed the course b/c I didn't do any of the three). Its important to pay attention to the lectures because the open-end questions on the tests are mostly related to the material that she lectures on, while the multiple choice is related to the textbook.

My main complaint for this course is the grading of the essays. Most of the TA's are undergraduate students, who are like yourself, mostly either juniors or sophomores. The grading for the essays can be REALLY harsh, but the criteria of grading is very vague. They check off a rubric, so, for example, if they "think" you didn't connect the concepts between an article and concept right, they will dock points. And when you go to them asking why they docked off points, they give vague/unclear explanations and they themselves don't know why. You can never know what the hell standards they base it off of. I compared my essay with a friend's who had gotten a much better score, but we both agreed that both papers were similar in quality. One TA told me that they were told that if they "think the paper generally seemed like a B paper" to adjust the scores accordingly. Really? Then why the fuck do we have a rubric in the first place? For example, I got points docked off for weird wording, but as a humanities major and having read the essay over 10 times, I'm pretty sure that there was nothing off about the grammar/syntax/wording of the essay.

After meeting with TA's for my first two essays, I immediately P/D/F'ed the course, because the grading is really subjective and I knew my final grade would take a toll. BASICALLY, while the TA's may know concepts and can grade tests objectively, they don't know how the hell to grade papers. That being said, I didn't particularly dislike the TA's (they were really helpful in several aspects), but that I don't trust their expertise or experience in grading papers with an objective eye.


3 tests (including final). 3 papers. Iclicker participation. Extra Creds (this can be a major help for grades later on). Experiment Participation. Not that heavy a workload.

Personal opinion of this class: study hard for the tests, pay attention during class, do the extra credits, and be wary of essays. Then you'll be fine.