DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS WITH THIS PROFESSOR! You will regret it. She is one of the worst lecturers I have ever had, and her tests are super convoluted and difficult. I was excited to take this class and have been considering minoring in psychology, but this class was honestly really discouraging. The lectures are disjointed and unclear, and it's extremely difficult to do well on the tests, even if you really study for them. The class had an average of about 70% (sometimes lower) on each midterm, and we would spend the entire class after getting them back debating multiple choice questions that she wrote and somehow refused to hold herself accountable for when they confused the class. She would argue with students extensively over the right answers to the questions and would become visibly frustrated when she was asked more than once about a question that the students didn't understand. She also gave basically zero partial credit on her short answer questions, which were always these bizarrely difficult graphs that meant essentially nothing and somehow took up a huge part of each test.

I had to take this class to fulfill my lab requirement because it was the only option that fit my schedule, but honestly I would really avoid it if you possibly can--it's just really not worth it to let this teacher basically ruin a subject for you because she's bad at what she does and doesn't know how to write tests. The class is also based almost entirely on your test scores, so if you're not comfortable with that, I consider that another reason to try and avoid this class. Added bonus--she's the chair of the psychology department, so there's really no one to talk to about her ineffective teaching methods and you basically just have to suck it up.

Long story short: spare yourself the trouble and the frustration of taking this class with Lisa Son. It's probably not worth it for you unless you have absolutely no other choice, as I did.


Very light, but unfortunately that doesn't mean the class is fair. It's a reading every few weeks and a response, and a ridiculous number of tests: 3 midterms (30% each and she drops the lowest of the 3) and a cumulative final exam worth 40%.