I was not a science major, but took The Science Of Psychology to fulfill the GS science requirement. Dr. Lindemann's class was well organized(best ever for me at GS), and i looked forward to every class.I would say her class is a piece of cake for a science major, but very challenging for a humanities major. You will need to read the textbook (i suggest before every lecture) and study her powerpoints and all related key terms for exams.. The TA's usually give a great review before exams that i suggest you attend(since they create large portions of the exams) plus the audio for each lecture as well as the powerpoints, were available on Courseworks. In short, you are given all the tools you need to succeed, and it is up to you to do the work.. Finally, you must participate in experiments within the psych dept.. Do not procrastinate- get that done before mid October or you might be in danger of not fulfilling the 6 credits needed.


Light for CU/GS.