I don't know many teachers who can make a subject like grammar actually become interesting and fun, but somehow Vincent managed to do it. He's incredibly funny, genuine and by far one of my favorite professors at Columbia. Class is usually conducted in a relaxed manner, with Vincent effectively covering all the material while spicing things up with quirky personal anecdotes and jokes. Vincent is a fair grader, and as long as you put in effort and work you'll do well in his class. I would highly recommend taking third year french language and composition with him if you have a chance!


It's third year grammar and composition, so there's going to be a lot of writing. Expect 3 short resumés (summaries of texts), 3 expositions (essays of around 3 pages), 1 dissertation (about 9 pages long - probably the most intense part of the course), and 1 commentaire composé (5 page standard essay on a book you will read for the class). On top of that we also had 12 quizzes (super easy conjugations of one verb each class), 2 in-class exams and 1 final exam. This seems like a lot, but it's actually quite manageable if you manage your time well. I took the course as a freshman and survived, so it's definitely doable!