I loved Prof Taylor's class! TAKE THIS CLASS if you like flexibility because she lets YOU choose how you want this class to work for you. We had 3 midterms and she gave us the option of either taking the final and dropping our lowest test score or keeping our 3 midterms and not even taking the final!! Her lectures are pretty okay... she follows powerpoint slides which are pretty boring but cover most of the material and then she gives us optional study questions after each powerpoint which are SUPER useful because she will NEVER test you on anything that's not on the questions. That being said, if you put in the work, you can do well in this class. Overall I liked her a lot, she makes jokes in class and always explains the concepts with lots of examples to help you understand. Definitely recommend her!!!!!!


Low compared to other classes because mostly everything is optional but before a midterm I usually put in a lot of time learning the material because there is a lot of it.