I've taken Elementary Italian 1 and 2 and Advanced Italian 1 with Felice and without a doubt he is one of my favorite profs I've had here. Not only is he an effective and clear teacher, he is kind, caring, and funny, and takes time to build personal relationships with his students. He's written recommendations for me and truly cares about my experience in class and with Italian. If you are at all interested in taking Italian, this is the way to go. He absolutely deserves the gold nugget!! Everyone I know who's been in his class agrees with me, too.


For Elementary, pretty standard. Doesn't grade worksheets though. A few compositions a semester but he grades them, lets you make corrections, and re-grades. Quizzes every few weeks, but he prepares us well. Exams are straightforward. For advanced, the workload is very light. Mostly focuses on projects and conversations in class.