I just took this course and let me tell you, EVERYONE should take this before graduation. I am not kidding. When I saw the previous reviews, I went just to meet Professor Mercer, and although she will try to scare off people in the first lecture by showing the amount of work we'll have, its worth it. This course will teach you how to think, how to see things differently, to consider things you've never thought of, to analyze, to challenge, it gives you a different mentality. This class should be a requirement.

I've never written a review on Culpa, but Professor Mercer is so good that it made me want to write one. I do not understand how this woman does not have a gold nugget on here. She is the best professor I've had in my 4 years at Columbia. She is amazing at explaining philosophy and super complex concepts in a simple manner, repeats things to make sure everyone understands, and includes current events as examples to ground these abstract theories on. The discussion posts really help you understand the material and apply it to your daily life. The papers help you think concisely. It is an amazing amazing amazing class and I wish everyone would take it.

And GUYS, don't be scared of the "Feminism" in Phil and Fem, this class is genderless –– everything applies to everyone, and you will not be sorry for going. Trust me.


3 papers, 10 discussion posts, a midterm and a final. Sounds like a lot, but it is spaced out, and it is truly worth it.