Heidi is hands down one of the best French professors that I have had at Columbia. As someone who has struggled with the language but has to finish the program for the language requirement, I've found it very difficult to find a professor willing to go the extra mile to make sure that I understand concepts and the myriad of grammar rules that the language demands. Heidi has been so accommodating and has always offered extra assistance. Her attitude is very sincere and approachable and I appreciate her patience where other professors have displayed frustration.

While I agree that her accent is quite American, I don't believe it takes away from the course at all. Her intense knowledge of the language more than makes up for it. I found her to be an incredibly engaging professor who is always prepared for class. Class sessions are very well structured and thought out, so if that is an environment that you prefer, she is a great choice.

In addition to her language knowledge, she also knows a ton about French culture and makes an effort to integrate cultural topics in every lesson whether it be discussing current events or connecting grammar concepts to films and literature beyond just the scope of a typical Intermediate II syllabus.

I am so happy that I got to have her a as a professor for Intermediate I and II and would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a professor that is personable, invested in your classroom performance, and knowledgable about the subject. Plus she is just a really cool person.


Daily assignments, four exams plus a midterm and final, various compositions, movies, and books.