I literally looked up this guy's lab just to make sure he was actually legit. Turns out he can run a cognition lab, but the dude can't freaking teach. There is really no reason to show up to class unless you want to listen to an incoherent lecture and New laughing at his own jokes. Every time I tried to pay attention, I would just end up imagining all of the shit I could have done while he was giving a shitty explanation for a term as simple as "category."

He gives you this fair game sheet that you can memorize before the exams, but make sure to read through the all of the Powerpoints too. He's a sneaky guy when it comes to his test questions where one little word in the answer makes the answer right or wrong. Honestly this class just assesses on whether you can figure out New's cryptic questions and then you feel like shit after because New has "gotcha" again with his stupid exam questions.


3 midterms, a cumulative final worth 40% of your grade