Professor Brotherton is a great teacher!
He taught the psych statistics concepts very well. All the material students needed to know for the tests were on the powerpoints that he posted after class. He used ample examples to help students understand the concepts and always paused to take questions. All of his multiple choice tests were very clear and didn't require you to memorize equations or do complicated arithmetic. There were weekly problem sets in R (a programming software) and a weekly 2 hour recitation. The problem sets would often take more than the two hours so it was recommended for students to do them on their own and then come to recitation if they have questions or problems. Prof Brotherton and the TA were always there to help during recitation and made sure the students left with a greater understanding for the concepts.


20% Weekly Problem Sets (graded on completion)
20% R Exam
60% 3 noncumulative multiple-choice exams (60 min, 60 questions)