I took Shelley's class the first semester he taught it- Spring 2018. Taking his class was a terrible mistake.

Shelley may be a good professor when teaching a small group of students (he used to teach CC, and I saw that his reviews were pretty good), however, this class had 200 students and his lectures were intolerably boring. Every class he read out of his iPad, word by word, a summary he had written without looking up or interacting with the class. If he wouldn't have shown a movie for the first few classes of shopping week, I would have realized what a terrible lecturer he was and would have dropped the class.

Both the midterm and the final paper were on the readings which were long and heavy, and the background he provided in class was not sufficient for the understanding of the texts. Nevertheless, the midterm ended up not being so terrible, all you had to do was memorize basic concepts and write a small paragraph about each author. The final paper was 10-12 pages long and must have incorporated at least 2 texts from the weekly readings.


- Weekly discussion sections (20% for attendance and participation)
- Midterm (40%)
- Final Paper (40%)