My opinion towards this course throughout the time of the semester, perfectly aligns with the Yerkes-Dodson Law curve. It took me a month to get used her teaching style as well as the course itself (I personally think the beginning of the class, talking about research and history is quite dreary), then by mid-point, I really enjoyed the class as I have been learning more and more interesting aspects of psychology. But by the end, you will realize that Dr. Lindemann is mostly just reading the powerpoint.

Another thing I want to point out is that, this 13-week or so class tries to cover the whole textbook, meaning firstly, there would be a lot a lot of reading, secondly, it is basically two classes for each chapter, maybe it would be better if we focus on just specific chapters.

Now TAs, I am very unlucky that my TA is not really helpful - very difficult to reach, and she has failed to show up at the OH. I am sure it really depends on the TA him or herself, but if you decide to take this class, make sure you find a good TA and maybe build a relationship.

Finally the exams and grades. Attendance is a must, there are three papers and three exams. TAs grade papers pretty harshly, so be sure to follow the instruction very carefully. As for exams, there are two parts - multiple choices and short answer questions. The former one focuses on the textbook. From my experience, you really need to go through the textbook carefully, and the TAs usually choose some really detailed question, which I am not happy about my multiple choices. Short answers are much easier and they are based on the lectures, so just go through slides and go to review sessions, you'd do fine.


Attendance, reading, 3 papers, and 3 exams, final is not accumulative.
It might seem light but the reading is very important, if you want a good score on multiple choices.
The grade is not curved!