A GREAT course. The structure of this course is designed around geography, with each week focused on Jewish life in a different city. I think the topic matter itself is somewhat niche, but if you're interested in the topic, this course lives up to its promise - the readings are interesting, and this is Rebecca Kobrin's area of knowledge, so getting to do these readings and have these conversations with her is a treasure.


- weekly reading: there is a fairly significant amount. you certainly don't have to do it to succeed in the class, but as a small seminar, this class is much better if you at least do some of the reading or read summaries, etc.; I can't imagine I would have gotten much out of the class without doing the readings
- 3 papers - one reading response type paper about the readings for a class you will be responsible for facilitating, one material history essay on an item that has to do with your family's migration history, and a 15 page term research paper on a topic of your choice. graded VERY fairly