I took professor Lewis' course last fall, but I was just searching her up in the course catalogue, hoping to take another class with her and I vaguely remembered that a lot of her CULPA reviews seemed pretty negative. I am here to clear the air: If you want to understand some basic philosophical concepts, this is the class for you. It is incredible that a year has passed and I'm still thinking about the "material/immaterial mind" or Descartes, because that was... a year ago. I feel like that speaks volumes to the competency of Lewis' lectures. Sure, I recall some classes being a bit dull or way too confusing, but I look pretty fondly at my time with Lewis. She reads from the slides and uploads the slides, but she would also go more in depth, offering good notes to look back on when it was time for the exam. She tried to learn every student's name and set up class time for students to work together in groups, going through the text. As for homework, it varied and you can get away with skimming a reading or skipping one, because she goes through difficult concepts in class.
I would say this: for homework assignments and essays, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Yes, the concepts are difficult at times, but I know some people in the class did terribly on papers, because they would try to make arguments that you just can't make in an intro course. Flowery, "philosophical" language will get you nowhere, honestly. Keep. It. Simple. I got an A- in the class, but I think I could have done even better if I put more effort into my second paper. Study for the exams, go to her office hours if you're confused - but all in all, this class was straightforward and extremely informative. I highly suggest Professor Lewis!


Very manageable. Two papers, a lot of reading some nights, 5 pages other nights, a midterm in class essay exam and a final exam. For the exams, she tells you all the possible questions and you just memorize the essays, basically. And the papers were pretty fun actually - she chose cool, engaging prompts for both.