I took Psychology of Learning lecture and lab with Professor Light. It was his first time lecturing the course and it was terrible. His lectures were complicated and incoherent. He spent a large amount of lecture going over random experiments, which he would brush over, but would then come up in large detail on his tests. A large amount of the course required me to learn the material myself from the textbook. There isn't that much work, but the exams are incredibly difficult and overcomplicated.

The lab, however, was much better. The actual lab class was usually interesting and very interactive. It also usually finished early- it never lasted the full 3 hours. There is not really content to learn for lab, so was ok having Professor Light teach them. Professor Light is a harsh grader though and is very particular, so I found it hard to do well on.


6 very simple homework assignments throughout the semester; 2x multiple choice and short answer exams; 1x multiple choice and short answer final exam