After reading the previous reviews, I gave Professor Kao the benefit of the doubt and took the course anyways. I regret doing so. Her lecturing was done in a way that was like she had read her reviews of “boring” and “monotone” and was trying to overcompensate in class with bad jokes and strange ways of including student discussion. I probably learned more from the TA lectures than hers, which as someone mentioned, were heavily focused on studies, most of which were very obscure. One thing that I found very disrespectful was that during one of the TA lectures, Professor Kao interrupted the TA probably around 10 times, throwing in her take every few minutes. Regarding the exams, you need to know every thing that is in the lecture notes and in the textbook, as she says everything is fair game.


3 exams (20% each)
2 short papers (15% each)
Research participation (10%)