I really loved this course! I found it very intresting.
Prof Light is one of the nicest proffesors ever! He tries very hard to make himself available to students. He hosts review sessions both in class and outsdie of class before each exam.
I found this course very applicple to the fields I am intrested in.
IT was a challanging course and I had to study to do well. If you study you will be fine! Although their is a learnign curve to his exams
The exams get easier as you go as you get used to the format.
There is multiple choise , short answer, and extra credit.
He gives you choises in short answer usaly 3 out of 5 -which is so nice and helpfull!
For the multiple choise he will let you explain up to 5 that you where unsure of to get credit back!
He also grades the exams to give you the best grade possible.
Very accepsible, kind, and understanding profeesor who wants you to do well.
Go to class, it's helpful!
Sometimes topics can be a bit confusing, but if you ask him to clarify it always makes sense.

Although I should say many people found it borning.,


three noncumulitive exams
and some easy homework assinments (that really help for exams).