Let's be 100 about this class. I took the class because people told me it'd be an easy science requirement filler (which it is if you took AP Psych), so judge me if you want -- I don't care. This class was actually HARD. There's a lot of material covered on each exam so there's never enough time to study enough for anything. Also, the TA's grade everything ridiculously harshly. To get a good grade in this class, you need to write EXACTLY the way that they want you to. Example: The exam questions were convoluted and it's not like they ever tried to help/go over their expectations for how to properly respond to short/long answer questions.

All that being said, the lectures were entertaining. Lindemann's cool -- which is the one thing I'd say is accurate about all the reviews I see about this class.

TLDR: This class was designed to weed people out of the psych major so it's not ideal whatsoever to take this for your science requirement unless you've already taken AP Psych.


3 Short papers, couple of exams, lots of assigned readings from the textbook, and participation in roughly 3 psych studies.