If you're looking for a class that rationally and logically assesses feminist and other ideologies, this is not the class for you. This is more of a gender studies/critical race theory class than it is about philosophy, and that was a big let down for me personally. Prof. Mercer touches briefly on the history of philosophy and some misogynist/racist underpinnings and then switches to modern day social justice issues. The class is very homogenous in its views, and there is little room for contrary discussion if your opinion differs from the norm. Most of the time it feels more so like I am being told what to think rather than being taught how to think for myself. If you're interested in social justice. gender theory, race, class, and power, then you'll love this class. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend.
Prof. Mercer is a pretty cool professor nonetheless. She cusses in class and is unapologetic about her opinions, and I can appreciate that. The class was fairly easy as long as you go to lectures, and the guest speakers are really interesting and have great stuff to say about their personal experiences and views. Prof. Mercer's powerpoints can be a little bit confusing and difficult to navigate sometimes, but the readings and homework content tends to be very clear. Overall it was an enjoyable class, I just wish it was named differently so I'd have a better idea of what to expect from it.


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