The previous review is accurate, except she doesn't curve to a C anymore! I did about average on all three exams and got a B.

Also, people tend to give her a bad rap because she flies through the material, isn't very approachable, and tells you to leave the room if you talk during lecture. However, given her straightforward lectures, the fairness of the exams, and the organized-ness of the class, it's clear that she just wants us to learn the material, and learn it well. It's a nice contrast from other professors in APPH who don't give a f about their classes and deliver messy lectures unprepared and have given the same exams since 2007 which aren't even relevant to the course anymore. So Latha's not evil, she's tough. There's a difference.

I should also say that this is the only applied physics class I've taken where I really feel like I learned things well. It's because the individual lectures make sense, the various topics we cover through the semester fit well enough together that I have a coherent understanding of quantum mechanics, and the homework is actually relevant to what we covered in class (something I've learned to appreciate after so many APPH classes).


more than other APPH classes, but not insane.