I took philosophy of education fall of my senior year with Kyle Driggers, and it was great. Kyle is young (a millenial!) and super chill in class. He cares about your personal interest and investment in the course and clearly wants his students to succeed. He's flexible with deadlines and the order of readings in the syllabus, and always spurs interesting discussions in class. As a CC senior who's taken other philosophy courses too, the syllabus was pretty familiar, and only contained one author I hadn't read before. I thought that this would make the class boring but it was actually nice because we read different sections in texts than I had read in other classes, and I was able to explore more in depth some authors I may have thought I already understood. Highly recommend if you're an upperclassman looking for something thought-provoking and chill, or if you're an underclassman looking to get into philosophy and learn more about education.


Not bad at all. You have to be a "discussion leader" at least three times during the semester, which consists of just being on top of the reading for that day and having a few discussion questions for the class. The weekly reading is very manageable. There are two essays and a final exam, but my semester he literally cancelled the final last minute and just sent it to us as a take-home exam.