This class (which I took last semester, fall 2019) confirmed that I want to be a philosophy major. I'd definitely recommend it if that's what your'e looking for, or if you're just looking for an interesting intro phil class. I was a big fan of professor Carman's lecture style. Some might have seen it as disorganized but I thought his sort of stream-of-consciousness lecturing made the material very engaging as he really showed you the process of thinking through complicated ideas from the readings. He definitely rambled and entertained many students' questions even though it was like a ~60 person lecture, but I think he said what he wanted to say each class (though we were always behind the syllabus). During office hours, he was super friendly and willing to talk through ideas for your paper. The readings for each class were interesting so I did most of them, but I don't think they were absolutely necessary to understand the lecture and most of the essay prompts were specific to one text so you could easily go back and only read what was necessary for the prompt of your choice. We had 2 TA's that I think just helped him grade papers - there was no discussion section.

Overall, he's a super funny and engaging prof even in a large lecture, and you can really see & respect how intelligent he is both in class and in office hours. Deserves the silver, and maybe even gold! Definitely will be taking more classes with Carman.


Good amount of reading for every class.

3 papers, ~1500 words each. Choose from a list of prompts.

Occasional pop quizzes on the readings (we had maybe 5? throughout the semester). Each one was 1 multiple choice question - simply answering the question counted for attendance and getting it right gave you extra credit

We were supposed to have an in-class final but he collapsed it into the third paper.