Super chill professor who is obviously passionate about what he teaches. I took his class in the first semester of my freshman year, and he was definitely the highlight of my first semester. The readings are super light, and the class discussions include a lot of interactive activities to better understand philosophical concepts. The homework was so light that I never missed any readings or anything, because I actually felt bad not doing my work considering how little he assigned and how chill he was about extensions. He's always open to meeting with you in his office before/after class if you have any questions. He even lets us call him Kyle! Overall just a really cool prof that I highly encourage you to take a class with if you can! I highly recommend taking Intro to Philosophy with Kyle to anyone who's thinking about it. The class differs pretty substantially according to who you take it with, so you can't guarantee it'll be this chill with other professors. Kyle is the best! His class was the only one in fall '19 that I was actually, genuinely excited to attend! Hoping that he continues to teach here for years to come.


Super light!! 5-30 pages of reading for every class (usually around 10 pages on average), and you need to be "discussion leader" three times during the semester, which basically just means doing the reading for that day and creating three discussion questions about the reading for the class. There are two essays and a final, which consists of short-answer and long-answer questions that you write responses to in a blue book. For my class he made the final optional!