August 05, 2020

Hawley, John Silver_nugget

I LOVE Professor Hawley! He is an endearing, passionate, devoted professor with a twinkle in his eye and an attuned mind. I found that his lectures often inspired me to do additional readings and research. I spent loads of time in his office hours, just talking, and I have much admiration for him.

All that being said, this class is for a specific type of person. If you are just taking this course to fulfill your Global Core and have no genuine interest in Hinduism, this class will likely not be for you because of the amount of reading. Professor Hawley teaches to the interest of the class and his own interest on any given day - he hands out lecture outlines but rarely follows them, however I did not find this to be an issue if I did my readings and attended my discussion section. If anything, the lectures inspired me even more to do all my readings.

There were 2 papers, 5-6 pages in length. Not challenging. Midterm wasn't too bad if you do your readings and go over the study sheet with ID terms handed out before the exam.

I would say that the ability to do well in this class largely depends on the TA. I had THE BEST TA ever (Rohini Shukla). Not only is she organized, but she is genuinely interested in helping students do well and not penalizing them with bad grades.

I did take this class during Columbia's Covid-shutdown semester and I think the reason why I still had interest in the course once we went online was because of Professor Hawley.


20% Midterm
20% Paper 1
20% Paper 2
20% Attendance/Participation at Discussion
20% Final (got canceled during my semester due to Covid)