April 28, 2004

Mauel, Michael Silver_nugget
[APAM 1601] Introduction to Computational Math and Physics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This course serves its purpose as a pre-professional course: it tells you the truth that Coumbia's applied math curriculum is all about physics. The course covers 4 physics topics: astrophysics, statistical physics, Fourier transformation applied on physics problems and quantum mechanics. If you're a physics guru, this class is certainly for you. Otherwise, you should really consider taking another pre-professional course.

Anyway, Professor Mauel is the most enthusiastic and friendly teacher I've seen in Columbia. One can easily tell that he's genuinely interested in what he's lecturing: will you jump and exclaim in delight when you talk about Kepler's laws? I won't, you probably will not, but Professor Mauel will. He's also friendly and he doesn't mind giving you personal, step by step tutorials on how to complete your assignments. You can e-mail him your mathematica programming codes, (Oh, this class is all about mathematica and programming, if you don't know C++/ Java, you'll be in a great disadvantage) tell him your problem, and he'll tell you his suggested programming codes usually within 24 hours. Also, he's willing to sit next to you in front of the computer, teaching you how to solve the problems. What else can you ask from a professor?


Weekly exercise that takes you at most 2 hours a week, and 4 projects. Depending on how devoted you're into the course materials, and also your programming skills, each project can take you 2- 10 hours.