May 05, 2004

Graham, Norma
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Stay away. Norma is a sweet-enough lady, and adorable, but this class is painful and very difficult to do well in. Her lectures are dull (they lie somewhere in the realm of actual teaching and rambling, not quite either), and the only interesting things are the days when she shows videos. I dunno, at some point I just stopped going to class.
The text book by Peter Gray is FASCINATING though. Very well written, and just amazingly interesting. That may have been the one highlight of the course.
I became quite acquainted with the textbook when studying for her exams. Turned out to be a waste of time... her exams are IMPOSSIBLE. They ask you to remember such minor facts or random parts of lectures (which, admittedly, I just flat out stopped attending mid-way thru the semester). I don't regret it though. I received the same grade on the exam that I went to class for and studied minorly for than for the exam I stopped going to and studied extensively. I guess its however you want to deal with teh course. I guess I figured it would be an easy way to fulfill the science requirement. I was sadly mistaken. I hear its easier in the Fall. My suggestion would be to take it there.
The largeness of the class also makes portions of it very time consuming, and I feel like a lot of the information could be better presented in a smaller class. Perhaps discussion sections.
Wow, I really hated this class...


Norma has this theory that since this is a 3-point class, you should spend 9 hours a week on work. You spend 3 of them in class, which leaves 6 hours of homework. Oh, and she's not joking. The textbook is great, but expect 40 pages of reading and above from it for every class. Which, really, you never feel like doing until the midterms.
Class is 3 midterms, and 3 500-700 complicated essays at the end (that ask you to answer more than could possibly be done in 500 words).