May 10, 2004

DaPrato, John Silver_nugget
Public Speaking

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

TENURE THIS MAN!!!!!! he is kind, professional, amiable, knows his shit, VASTLY improves your speechmaking skills, always encourages students to do their personal best, not a stickler for percentages and grades. This class is the most interesting one I've take thus far at columbia. You learn about current events and controversial issues through the speeches everyone makes (you choose your own speech topics in the categories of informative, persuasive, controversial, group speech) and your public speaking and rhetoric skills vastly improve. For some reason the speech department at columbia has shrunken over the years to the point where DaPrato is the only professor teaching the only course on public speaking. I wish they'd make more publiuc speaking classes available because as this class teaches you, whether you want to go into business, marketing, pr, public policy, politics, law, journalism, whatever....the ability to speak publically at a high level is vital...because what's the point of filling our minds with all these great ideas and all this knowledge if we can't articulate them clearly, communicate these ideas, and influence or teach others about them? If everything you learn at Columbia is like a big cup of orange juice, this course is the straw that enables you to actually get it in your mouth and savor the sweet juicy nectar without getting pulp stuck in your teeth.


not a lot at all and its actually homework that you look forward to doing.