August 02, 2004

Krauss, Robert
[PSYC W2240] Human Communication

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

While his lectures are usually entertaining & interesting, don't be fooled by this kind looking man. He is one of the most brutal graders I have ever come across. His TAs didn't really help much either. At a review session for the final, they answered every question with "We don't know" or "We can't tell you that", and it was an absolute waste of time. Professor Krauss says that he'll curve grades, but the curve really does nothing for your grade. He doesn't assign a set of books--instead, he assigns one book on a list of recommended books and says that the other ones are boring on the first day. So, naturally, students don't read them. Then when you start questioning where the random material on his exams are coming from, he asks you how come you weren't doing the readings. He also assigns lengthy articles online to read.


A bit overwhelming--it's not REQUIRED, but he recommends that you read the articles that he posts online as well extra subject material, AND the texts that he assigns. The midterm and final exams are very tough--I recommend that you don't miss a single lecture if you really want to do well on them. He pays much attention to detail, and this can include how a diagram looked in class lecture, to the wording of one of the sentences in one of the texts.