August 06, 2004

Graham, Norma
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Undeniably adorable but a little incoherent at times. Sometimes you will leave class thinking, "What did we DO today? Did we learn anything?" You will be baffled as to what to take notes on.

Other times, however, she will surprise you with her clarity. That happens too. It is a hit-and-miss type deal.

However, all in all, if you're at all interested in learning the basics about psychology, this is a good bet. Except for the essay take-home (which you can do with a partner), the only tests she gives are multiple-choice and straight-forward. That is to say, if you put the time in and learn the material, the test is easy... if you skim it the night before, it ain't.
Also, this class is really really funny. Many of the videos that she shows in class are laugh riots-- not all, but many-- and during the developmental psychology unit, she will bring in a baby. You will watch the baby chew on her doll. Graham will try to measure the baby's head... that won't work. If the baby has a favorite song, the class will be coerced into singing it for the child.
This is a fun class. Keep up with the reading and form study groups for exam prep, and you should do fine.


Like I said, if you keep up with the reading, it's not bad at all. Then again, I fell behind often, which made it a challenge come midterm-time. There are 3 in-class exams (multiple choice), a take-home exam, and optional extra credit assignments toward the end of the class.