September 12, 2004

Krauss, Robert
[PSYC W2240] Human Communication

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I cant stress enough, how benificial it is to do the extra credit assignment. I made a pathetic grade of a 38% on my midterm, and still managed to make a B+ in the class. In regards to the midterm, make sure to ask the TA's what information they are looking for on the tests, cite the experiments. Before the midterm the TA's claimed they were looking for "overall concepts" which is crap because the tests often ask for very specific details from the readings and the lectures. Memorize the charts, there will undoubtedly be one on the test, and you can stop reading the Pinker book after the midterm. Despite Krauss's claims, the PInker book will not have you laughing outloud on the subway. As far as Krauss, he will surprise you with some unexpected sarcastic comment and he gets a big kick out of playing his sound files.


A lot of readings. One paper, midterm, final.