November 15, 2004

Albert, David
[PHIL V3576] Physics and Philosophy

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Under no circumstances should you take this course. None. Professor Albert is a terrible lecturer who lets questions from students, valid or not, drive the entire lecture. This and the repetetive nature of the class made it a daily fight not to skip. He also focuses on details of little or no importance and skates right over those that are critical.

The midterm is completely unrepresentative of the substance of the class, and his examples are exactly out of the book (which he wrote) so you never get a clearer picture by asking him to explain. Unless you are extremely well versed in Physics, Philosophy, or both, you will get below a B- in this class. There is no homework to prepare you for the math-based take home midterm, and recitation is at a time that made it impossible (at least when I took it) for an observant Jew to attend.

I learned more in researching for the final paper than I did from the entire class. I also felt like Professor Albert focused almost entirely on the Physics aspect and not at all on the Philosophy. I would have liked to see more exploration of what the discoveries meant for contemporary Philosophy, rather than just seeing the experiments and learning that they caused questions.


A take-home midterm based on the first half of the class, which nominally explains the math involved, and a 15-page final paper.