Introduction to Sociology (Barnard)

Jan 2009

Professor Olvera is clearly passionate about sociology and is willing to share her expertise with students who take the time to meet with her. While the power point lecturing is inherently limited (but oftentimes the most organized way of lecturing to a class of 100+ in an introductory course), do not let this deter you from taking her more challenging courses. The upper-level sociology courses she teaches are intellectually stimulating and demanding, with carefully selected readings she presents in an interesting and understandable way. I recommend stopping by her office hours- she is perhaps the most approachable and helpful professor I've had. If you make the effort, you'll walk away from her courses satisfied.

Dec 2002

What a piece of shit. Sure he's personable, but he's an asshole outside of class. There was only one paper which he never returned, and the midterm and final were jokes. Easy as shit and I learned nothing. I retook the class as Sociological Imagination under Polletta. I suggest you do the same.