Jan 2020

I really loved this course! It was so interesting and the material was easy to understand. Professor Remez really wants you to succeed, giving a few free points each exam, always being available via email and office hours, and was very accommodating whenever I needed help or an extra day to do a quiz. The workload is very reasonable. The quizzes are pretty straightforward and easy to get 10s on - they're straight out of the textbook, and are actually really useful for reviewing. The exams are also pretty straightforward, using multiple choice, matching, and true or false questions. I highly recommend this class! It was so fun and I was sad when the semester ended.

Dec 2012

Wow, these reviews are incredibly cruel and unfair. I want to preface this by saying that I am neither a psychology major nor adept at any form of science. I took this class merely to fulfill the science requirement. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this class went. I thought professor Levine was very clear in her lectures, almost too clear sometimes. She always took time to explain concept and answer questions. Unlike another professor who substituted for her a few times. She also clearly made an effort to make the material seem interesting by bringing in a flutist, discussing her own research, and having us participate in fun activities in class. Yes, we were required to know more information than was discussed in class: this seems like a standard practice, the previous psych courses I took had the same format. The exams were challenging as they should be in a college setting. What compensated for this though was the generous curve. Grades in the 74 range, the class median, were curved to an A-. As for the lab, yes, it was long and drawn out, in my mind as all labs should be. But the experiments involving the mberry pill and the final experiment which we designed ourselves were quite interesting. For all the labs, instructions were clearly laid out. There were no surprises. I think Levine is a pretty good professor.

Dec 2012

After having two semesters with this professor, my advice to you is to stay far far away. The alternative in the psychology major (neuroscience) is not only easier, but taught by a far better professor. It becomes clear in class that Professor Levine does not really have a clear handle on what she is teaching. Her tests do not reflect what she teaches at all. Overall, a really unclear class with no clear objectives. Additionally, she does not make it seem like she enjoys teaching whatsoever.

Dec 2012

She is a really bad professor and is very partial to students that she likes. Her class and lab are very boring and she takes off points for the stupidest reasons. I think she spends at least 30 minutes each lab with her TA to talk about how every word should be equally spaced and every page number and should be in the same font. This class is mind-numbing. I don't think she realizes that she's teaching a class full for college students and not elementary school. And please she needs to stop with stories about her dog.

Nov 2012

Professor Levine is a terrible professor. She refuses to answer questions, often promising to answer them later and never getting to them. She does not cover a lot of what she puts on the exams. It's not uncommon to hear her say "We won't go over this in class, but be sure to review it for the exam" -- this is not for one or two concepts, but could include as many as 10 outside articles that she will never address. Her exams are a crapshoot, it's impossible to figure out what will be on them. She gives you a "fair game sheet" but then most of it is "study entire chapter" which is not very helpful at all. In lab she is rude and likes to take points off for little things. For instance, she will take points off if your page numbers on your lab report are in the wrong font, never mind that the content of the report is great. It is very hard to connect with her, and as the last post mentioned, she is not at all engaging. She comes in to class ready to "get it over with" and doesn't really care about the success of her students. I'm confused as to why she is a professor -- she must really hate her job and students in general. Being in her class is painful, and I can't wait till it's over.

Dec 2011

Remez. What a guy. If you ever read this, Remez: don't ever change. Ok that aside, Perception was a great class. I really thought that it was going to be terrible based on previous reviews (just read them - pretty awful), but I loved it. This class made me happy to be a psych major. The material was really interesting and obviously relatable to everyday experiences. The textbook wasn't my favorite, but I don't think Remez liked it very much either (it was the first semester using this particular book). But that said, I did get used to reading and studying from it. Yup, the exams are tricky, but honestly guys - can we stop complaining about having to take exams that aren't easy A's? We do go to this school, after all. If you aren't a psych major and you think that psych is a way to get the science requirement out of the way no problem, either don't take the class or PDF it. Done. He'll say it on the first day: to get your A, you have to put in the work. So, don't say he didn't warn you.

Dec 2011

I'm not going to lie; Perception is sometimes a bit dull. But it's really not as hard as some of the previous reviews make it out to be. If you go the lectures and read the textbook you can definitely do well on the exams. I only took this course to fulfill the science requirement, and it did not end up being very time consuming. For the last two exams I didn't do any of the readings until a few days before the test and I got an A in the class. Remez is amusing in an you're-laughing-at-him-not-with-him sort of way, which makes lecture worth going to. My real issue is with lab. Lab was basically pointless, boring busy work that taught me nothing and was a huge waste of time. Avoid lab if possible. Overall, this class is not that interesting or life-changing, but it's not very difficult to get a good grade.

Dec 2011

After reading previous reviews for this class, I went into it assuming it was going to be a terrible class that was impossible to do well in. I ended up really liking this class, and the lectures weren't boring. Professor Remez brings new information to class so that he's not just repeating what you read in the textbook, and he's funny, too. This was one of the only classes at Barnard where I've actually enjoyed going to the lectures, and the information in the readings is interesting. This class is one of the courses that many psychology majors take, so most people in the class are only taking it for the requirement. The lab was one of the most difficult parts of the class, and it was more time-consuming than difficult. The lab brings aspects of the lecture and reading together with active learning, and while some of the experiments were long and the assignments took time, if you focus on them they're not so difficult.

Jan 2011

Take this class if you are the type of student who likes to learn and who does not like to bitch about unfairness or dryness or lack of an obvious correlation between powerpoints and exams. Its fascinating if you actually try to understand the big picture that he paints for you, and don't focus on the minutiae that he does ask for on tests. (He scales a lot, so if you try you will do well)

Nov 2010

Don't. Just don't. Past reviews of this class are pretty much accurate, Prof. Remez himself has said so in class. How you do in the course pretty much depends on you. If you are the type who is listens closely and take good notes in the lecture; if you are the type who always does the readings on time and study extra hard before an exam; you'll probably do well (in this and every other class), but Prof. Remez won't make it easy for you. The readings are dry, the exams are hard (I can't emphasize that enough) and he goes on tangents. Tangents are fine, because he is a funny man, but that humor and those tangents come up on the exams later, and then it's not remotely funny anymore (it's just sadism). Getting an A isn't impossible (in the sense that anything is possible, just not probable), I know people who do extremely well on the exams but I know more who don't. If you are like me and find it difficult to pay attention all the time in lectures (he doesn't have lecture with powerpoints) and can hardly find the time to do the readings, just drop the class and take something else to fulfill that major requirement (if you are a psych major). It has nothing to do with humor as the previous review said. I don't think the students should have to adopt a prof's sense of humor in order to do well on exams; students should do well on exams because they studied and the exams test their relevant knowledge. I can't speak for everyone. My advice is to take the class if you really want/need to. The first exam results come back before the deadline to drop. If you didn't do well on that first exam, I'm telling you it does not get easier. Decide wisely then whether to drop or not.

Apr 2010

This has been one of my top classes since I've been here. Yes, the exams are difficult, but all you have to do is start studying a little early. Remez has a great sense of humor and the lectures are very interesting, however this sense of humor is put into the exams so if you are the typical columbia student that doesn't understand humor, don't take this class, because his exams will confuse you. You really have to use his sense of humor to know when he is making a joke on the exam. Once you've mastered this, the exams are very straightforward. There are no powerpoints or notes posted, so you do have to go to class and take notes on everything he says (even his tangents because they will likely be on the test). I wouldn't consider myself the hard working type of student, however in this class you have to be. In the end it does pay off. Take this class if you want to learn some interesting facts about the world. Don't take this class if you are looking for an easy A and only go to class to browse the web.

Apr 2010

Robert Remez is a very intelligent, comical man, but he is not the greatest teacher. He is very approachable and nice outside of class, but he does not teach very well. This is a very challenging course, and it caused me a lot of stress. As others have said, the tests were almost impossible, and the average grades were somewhere between 60-70, which he curved in the end. There is much information on the exams that you will have never seen before, which is frustrating. He does assume that you apply your own knowledge to these questions. You will probably end up with a B if you score somewhere within the average. His lectures are not at all helpful and your notes will not help you prepare for the exam. I went to many of his office hours, and that helped me a little on the exams. This is probably one of the most challenging courses at Barnard.

Dec 2009

Don't take this course if Remez is teaching it. He will kill any curiosity you feel about Perception, and the exams are impossible and will make you feel like studying for them is hopeless. Professor Remez would often leave sentences or ideas hanging, which was very frustrating as I was just trying to keep up with him. He taught the class like it was for grad students, not students who had never taken a Perception class. I also found it really disruptive to the class when he made that big stink about cell phones going off and how you would have to leave the class immediately. I agree that cell phones going off are rude and interruption, but the way he handled it exacerbated the problem, and was insulting to the students. The exams: Challenging beyond a reasonable point. I studied a ton and really felt like I understood the material, and yet when I took the exam, it was impossible. The difficulty of the exams didn't make me think, it made me guess. I am amazed that I am doing as well as I am in the class, considering how screwy the exams are. What exactly is Professor Remez trying to test us on? I would appreciate a fair test that actually looked at our retention and understanding of the material presented. This urked me so much. What is the point of designing a test that your students can't answer, and then having to curve it so you don't fail everyone? Shouldn't that tip you off that maybe you aren't doing a good job making exams?

Dec 2007

I feel obligated to write a review because a) the most recent review is from 2004, and b)the other reviewers were exaggerating. Remez is actually not Satan, as they would have you believe. Sure, he has an off-beat sense of humor. Yes, he is rigid about test dates. But he is passionate about his subject, he tries to keep you interested during his lectures, and he is a totally nice guy when you go talk to him during his office hours. (And he is really smart.) I did not find him condescending at all, only helpful. But be warned: if you are a Barnard student thinking about taking the class to fulfill your science requirement because you are terrified of all things science... don't do it, unless you want to pass/fail. The other reviewers were not exaggerating about how hard the tests were - especially if science is not your thing.

Jan 2005

Yumi is the most absurd professor I have had at Columbia. She is straight from Japan so she speaks broken English and a lot of the assignments are incoherent and vague because of her lack of verbs, nouns, and any sort of conjugation. If you ask her to explain the assigment, she often does not understand the question and instead of asking you to reword it so that she can understand, she just smiles and tells you to interpret the project in your own way. However, even though her assignments are unintelligible and non-specific, her expectations are very high and when it comes around to critiques and presentations, she never hesitates to completely slam your work in front of the class for not fitting her requirements. Her comments at desk crits are not constructive whatsoever, and she never has anything planned for class. Most of the projects that we did end up doing were photo collages, so we couldn't even work on those in class because we would have to go take the pictures and develop them first. Thus, the 2 hour class time was wasted just sitting around doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while waiting for her to come and give you incomprehensible advice on your non-existant project. Plus, the course materials and projects are extremely expensive and Yumi does not even think twice about money and time constraints when assigning them. During our last project, which was to build a model that one or two people could fit into, I asked her for suggestions on what material to build it out of, and she said that I should definitly use large pieces of steel welded together. I asked her where I could go about finding large pieces of steel and she told me that there must be somewhere in Manhattan that sells it - completely disregarding the fact that the project was due in a WEEK and I didn't have time to look for steel, and the fact that most students dont know how to WELD. Anyway, if you are looking to waste huge amounts of time and spend exorbitant amounts of money on projects that are stupid and that you will not be proud of, then take this course. You'll learn how to use some of the equipment, you'll be proficient at photoshop, and Janoff's will own your soul.

Dec 2004

She is nice but yes she is not a very good teacher. She critcism is consisted of "very successful" "interesting" "not working so well" and "hm... I don't know" so mainly her criticism is not very helpful on how to improve your work. She doesn't push you to work work work, so the class is less intense than other studio classes. Not so good in timing either. Spend forever on the first project (photo collage) and squeezed the last project (some kind of live-size device that creates "windows" that change and frame reality. Dont' ask me what it means. I am not sure. )into a short time allowing no time for development. The key, always say something interesting in the presentation showing that you are "thinking".

Dec 2004

Remez is an okay professor once you get used to him. He does know his stuff. But he is arrogant and totally brushes off those questioning his word. And he's extremely rude and condescending to students with strong opposing views. There were times when someone brings up a valid question that challenges what he just said and he completely evades the question in a very politician-like way and restates his claim. It was kind of funny actually. He also purposely makes a lot of noise during exams to piss people off, but he does give us chocolate to make up for it. Overall, I don't regret taking the course cuz the material's pretty interesting, although the textbook is extremely repetitive.

Mar 2004

As a teacher, Remez isn't bad; for the most part, he kept my attention, and I did learn a lot from his class. As a person... well, that's a different story. He's the most rigid person I ever met -- everything he does is more or less set in stone, and he doesn't deal well with unexpected outside interruptions (even unintentional ones). He's probably got some form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. While he finds it okay during his lectures to go off on tangents (and I mean TANGENTS -- he'll literally take time out to go around the room and ask each member of the class what they had for breakfast that morning), but he has trouble with students raising their hands and asking questions related to the material during the middle of his lecture. (He'll politely tell you to wait until he's finished talking.) Not to mention he has little to no concern for his students. He's always in a hurry to leave class following a lecture and won't stick around to talk to students afterwards, even for a minute. And even though he urges students to come to his office hours, he won't stay a minute past the allotted time. (Let it be known, by the way, that it's not even like he has a class or a meeting afterwards.) I wouldn't go so far, as the previous review has, as to call him a "Psycho" -- there are definitely worse out there -- but his rudeness, obnoxiousness, and inflexiblilty can be really frustrating most of the time, and not always something you can get used to.

Dec 2003 you have read some reviews. This is by far the latest one. Listen up! This guy belongs in the Psycho Department. NO I am not exaggerating at all !!! If you are someone who likes being vomitted information on to your ears then by all means go ahead and take the useless course. But if you have some self dignity and self respect, you will blast out of his class after you witness the degrading manner in which he treats his students. Trust me...the guy is an asshole with everyone, you will not be the exception.

Dec 2003

Have you seen "Better Off Dead"? Do you remember the math professor that speaks incredibly slowly and holds his high school class in rapt fascination? Remez reminds me of that guy to a T. but with a lot less fascination from the class. If I had the chance to do it again, I would definitely take a different class.

Nov 2003

I absolutely hated this course. Although Remez is obviously knows his stuff, his lectures are extremely boring and he goes off on tangents all the time. What's worse is that his tests are impossible and they are made up of material that comes out of nowhere. Stay away from this class.

Dec 2002

Wow. She sucks. On the night before the final lab was due, she emails us new data at 10pm and 11pm. We're supposed to have at least a week to do this stuff. She also never grades or hands back anything until the last minute, and then it's too late to improve on your final lab report that's worth 85% of your grade. If your a psych major, her lab is probably unavoidable. Just be prepared to be shown little respect for your time and no feedback on your work. Also, make sure she explains the experiment for the final lab report. She forgot to tell my class about a chunk of the procedure, which cost a lot of people major points on their final grade.

Dec 2002

If you think "how many days does it take for an astronaut to stop vomiting in space, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6" is a reasonable mutiple choice question, then you will love him. Warning: if you take this class, make sure your cell phone is off. If it rings during lecture, you get an automatic W on your transcript and have to drop it. It's not a bluff, either.