Spanish 1202

Dec 2008

This class is hard. Professor Aguilar is a wonderful woman, but while you are in her class you don't realize it. She is quick to get frustrated with the level of language skill of her students, and can be very intimidating in class. She also can make you feel really stupid when you get things wrong. This aside, she really wants to see her students succeed. Within the first few days of class she explains how she factors how hard students try into their grades. This is true. While the grades you get throughout the semester don't show it, your final grade will. Just make sure she knows you are putting in the effort. GO TO OFFICE HOURS. If you don't she will not let you live it down. Plus, going is actually really helpful - even if you don't go for anything specific. Professor de Aguilar is also crazy. Honestly. She sings in class (she's really good), and she tells hilarious stories and jokes, but she is also a little nuts. Personally, I enjoyed it. It made class interesting. Bottom line: she is a good, tough professor. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it.

Sep 2008

Pilar is an amazing and wonderful professor. She is a true golden nugget at Columbia. Pilar takes teaching to heart and wants to see students learn, understand, and enjoy the language. If you can take the long summer course -definitely do, because it is like personal tutoring when there are few students registered. Pilar is an engaging person and teacher and keeps the course material interesting and up beat. The workload is fair, maybe lighter than other Profs. however, you MUST know all the course material up to your course level, so if you had it easy before you will have to fill in the gaps in your Spanish knowledge during the course. Pilar explains everything very systematically and clearly. Moreover, do all the assignments because you will feel bad for showing up to class without your work -not from fear or worry, but because you would just personally feel really bad if you disappointed Pilar.

Dec 2006

In Mauricio's class, you will gain a greater understanding of Spanish with half the busy work. I liked this class more than any other spanish class I have taken before.

Apr 2006

So, I really love Monica as a person. She is liberal, open-minded, vibrant, interesting, funny. That's great. Her Spanish is also very easy to understand. She was very ontop of things at the beginning of the semester and then things slid. We would have a paper due, a quiz, and a book to read -- all for the same class day. Then some days, there would be no work. So, I am struggling in the class. She really means best, but I think in terms of preparing you well for the important tests like the midterm and final which are departmental, this may not be the best idea. If you're taking Spanish to get it over with, she's pretty good. If you really want to ENJOY getting spanish over with -- if you're taking it not only to fulfill the requirement but because you care -- this is really NOT the way to go. I used to love Spanish, and now find it exhaustive and do not look forward to class.

Jan 2006

If you hate spanish, she makes it the least painful. And this school really knows how to pick em'. She has a sense of humor and the quizzes all follow the basic formate which is easy to study for. A straight forward class. No anxiety...!

Jan 2005

Incredible. The nicest lady I've met; she made me excited to come to a Friday morning class, even when I had to wear sun glasses and sip water the whole time. Pilar helps out her students and clearly enjoys her position. A native spanish speaker, she absolutely knows what she's doing and does an excellent job helping her students to understand Spanish structure. Her antecdotes and personal stories made the class highly enjoyable. She seems to be a close friend as well as a teacher, however she maintains her authority when it is needed. She is very approachable. If you are going to take spanish, take it from this goddess.

Oct 2004

Boring, easy, bitchy. Not a fun class, but it's one you never have to worry about. Try to get another prof, but don't despair if you get Melnikova.

Apr 2004

Clearly brilliant and highly, highly educated. Excellent approach to advanced spanish that focuses on rules rather than feel. She is available for out-of-class help and varies her class meetings to avoid boredom. She has a high standard for students and expects you to work at the material. However, if you try and see her during office hours she'll be more lenient. She has a tendency to be a little caustic in her responses to students, usually when students ask questions about material they should already know. Recommended.

Jan 2003

A wonderful professor, she is patient and understanding with students whose Spanish is a little rusty. A sweet Cuban lady, she dressed like a teenybopper and acts like a caring mother. Encourages student participation and is fairly generous with her grading, allowing students to revise papers and retake tests for a best mark. Class is not difficult and she makes it all the more easy.

Jan 2003

Jenny is a very lenient and fun professor. There's no daily homework, but she sticks to the syllabus handed out by the Spanish department . This means you will have to write four compositions, quizzes, etc. This is a fun class to take if you have a somewhat decent grasp of grammar. If you don't , you're outta luck as Jenny tends to skim over it in class. However, she answers all your e-mails, is very friendly during office hours and after class, and is a very social person.