Intermediate (Spanish) Conversation I

Jan 2010

I loved Perla! She is an absolutely sweet and caring woman. She is very understanding when it comes to work as well. I enjoyed her class because she made us participate - this makes the class go by quicker and helps me learn Spanish. Our class was a lot of fun -- she usually let us work in partners or groups on assignments or we just discussed and chatted about life... in spanish. She rarely gave actual lessons (that stuff is all in the book) and I'm thankful, because that would have been so boring. Some people in my class thought she was a bit intimidating or even mean? for calling on them, but I say, suck it up. She also throws her classes parties at the end of the semester...our conversation with her at the party = our final oral. AWESOME.

Jan 2007

The good news is that he teaches you vocab that you can use everyday, from political language to theater and art. But while the professor can be engaging, clever and funny at times, I often found myself watching the clock.

May 2006

Jesus is a nice guy and he's funny and he certainly knows Spanish well. With that said, this class was entirely useless. It was worse than any high school Spanish I ever took. A conversation course he let 20+ people into so no one ever got to speak, random useless assignments, a focus on "debunking stereotypes" that no one had in the first place... academic torture for anyone who's ever taken the time to think half-intelligently about other cultures. On the plus side, they do offer a pretty cheap chance to go to Spain if you're interested. I say, save your money and your time and skip this BS.

Jan 2006

Sweetest man alive!!! Hysterical too. Definitely take the class.

Jan 2003

Mrs. Borras is such a cool teacher! I always looked forward to her class. Now, it's a conversation class, with very little work, so that may have something to do with it, but that changes not my opinion on the said teacher. Mrs. Borras is from some island in Spain, and from the (very) few occasions on which I heard her speak English,I judge that she is much better at Spanish than English. But that works out very well for this sort of class. Spanish is not taught in terms of English so much as an independent entity, which after all it is. In this class I came closest to actually formulating my thoughts in Spanish rather than translating them in my head. Mrs. Borras knows well what students want out of a conversation class. The chairs are arranged circularly and all that. She also would encourage us to select our own conversation topics. When a student made a presentation, often we'd spend the rest of the day discussing his or her topic. Mrs. Borras teaches many of the colloquialisms you may not have learned in high school. These of course are different all over the world, but many students had travelled and could fill us in on Spanish vulgarities' Central or South American counterparts. She never speaks too slowly, and only on occasion too fast. But you will be amazed at how well you understand her even in over-speedy bursts. Of all my teachers last semester, I felt I knew her as a person the best (that includes the teachers of my 'discussion' core classes). She is really cool. Any one who wants to bone up on speaking Spanish, but has had only high school practice in it and has not visited another country should take her class.