Unheard Voices: African Women Writers

Apr 2006

Prof. Ogunyemi is brilliant, but not as a professor. She is not good at leading interesting discussions and doesn't make the material interesting. She can be unprofessionally honest about what she thinks of you. She brings up insightful points once in a while in explaining the books but overall the class was a bore and the workload was pretty useless--I probably would have gotten just as much out of the books if I hadn't written the papers.

May 2003

Good class to take for immersion into a a rarely read literature (as the class' title makes obvious). Ogunyemi is a brilliant reader, but classes can get kind of boring as discussions stick mainly to the finer points of the texts. Occassionaly some interesting conversions do develop on African women. Ogunyemi can be daunting despite her dimunition. Very loud and opinionated, though still very open to other points of view. Interesting, though not amazing, teacher

Jan 2003

I really enjoyed this class. The fact that the readings were from diverse regions in Africa made the course more enjoyable. Yet if you are looking for an easy class this is not the one. Ogunyemi expects alot and is very honest in her review of your papers.

Jan 2003

This class was boring and aggravating. I thought that I would learn something about Africa and African women's experiences by taking it. Instead I learned how to analyze texts in a dull manner. Class discussions were forced and generally uninteresting. Professor Ogunyemi seemed to discourage questions/thoughts about real life application of the themes brought up in the novels.