Mesoamerican Encounters: The Archaeological Heritage of Mexico and Central America

Jan 2003

If you have the opportunity to take a class with Prof Maca, you should jump at it. He puts a lot of work into his classes, and is always well prepared. He has an engaging lecture style, and provokes a lot of very interesting and insightful discussion. Student participation is important to Prof Maca, and it is important to stay on top of the readings. The breadth of information that you will cover, and the depth with which you will be expected to know it was, at times (midterm and final times), rather daunting, but Prof Maca is one of those rare teachers whose main ambitions in teaching a class is actually TEACHING it. He is very concerned with helping his students learn, and he will give you every opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge. For instance, I bombed my midterm--lowest grade I have ever received--but he worked with me, and made my final and paper worth more in his final calculation of my grade (A-). This description doesn't do any justice to how highly I think of him, so I will stop by saying: Allan Maca is the kind of professor that most of us probably had expected to find at Columbia. Take his class!