Cultures and Institutions of France I

Apr 2011

I took Culture of France II with Brian, and I can honestly say that he deserves his silver nugget. He is demeanor in class is intense, well-paced (you won't find yourself scrambling to write notes trying to keep up), yet takes a charming schoolboy-ish interest to any sexual references in the texts we read (of which there were many). Many reviewers commented on the occasional acidic or cutting comments he can make. Having been on the receiving end of such remarks of his, I can also say that either he’s been working on correcting it or PEOPLE NEED TO GET A GRIP. Besides the fact, he is actually genuinely concerned with the development of his student’s writing and critical thinking, and is known to give people lots of extra help outside the classroom, extensions when needed, and even allowing re-edits for papers with below average grades ( if he thinks you deserve another chance). I usually don’t feel the need to write reviews for professors, given my general reaction is “eh” at best to most professors out there, but in Brian’s case, the man deserves tenure.

Dec 2008

Professor Postlewate is excellent. She is really sweet, really understanding, and makes the class interesting and lively. The conversations were great and the readings were really useful. It is a great mix of literature and history. To give you an idea of just how understanding she is she allowed us to rewrite a paper and she boosted our grades. She makes out of class appointments and is very encouraging. It is great. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to read but also be given a historical context for the readings. Prof. Postlewate rocks!!!

Jan 2003

Absolutely one of the best professors out there. This course is basically a history of France from the very beginnig (Celts), to Louis XIV. Professor Postlewate makes, as cliched as it sounds, history come alive. Although readings are (with the exception of perhaps one) all in French, as is the class, but surprisingly nothing seems dry when she teaches it. Cannot reccomend this teacher enough. A must for anyone who says they don't like history (and can speak French). She is also extremely understanding and accomodating (for example, she put off our papers another week when she thought we didn't have enough time), and is very easily approachable. Again, a wonderful professor to have.