Augustan Poetry

Jan 2013

I did not enjoy this course. Looking at previous course reviews, I thought it would be mangeable, but that simply was not the case. We barely went over the translation, which I understand--this seemed to be more of a literary analysis class. I didn't like the pace or the rhythm of the class. I do admit, though, Professor Steiner is very knowledgeable. But, this course needs some serious restructuring. And by the way, everyone in the class is at a different level of experience. Yet, it was assumed that we knew how to, for example, write a close analysis--something I did okay in--but would it not have been helpful just to go over the basics for 15 min? That was something that could have benefited everyone. Also, the translation is a lot. Keep up, or you'll be lost. Every week you are expected to know 300 lines in total. It is expected that you know your vocab, grammar, scansion, etc, but you never get tested on it or go over it in class. Ultimately, I did fine, but this was my least favorite class out of all the classes I have taken. Honestly, it's put me off from taking another Latin class again.

Oct 2012

I've got to admit, I've been pretty underwhelmed by my professors this first semester, but hands down, Professor Steiner is the absolute best and my favorite professor! Her impressive knowledge of both latin and greek make this class incredibly engaging. And she has great sense of humour! In high school I'd gotten a chance to translate the Aeneid but I'd never gotten such a rich understanding of the language and its allusive and historical qualities as I have this semester. Professor Steiner has truly made Latin a pleasure to continue studying and I hope to take another one of her classes in the future.

May 2010

Prof. Folch's Augustan Poetry class was a joy. Prof. Folch knows his Latin extremely well and was very friendly during office hours and willing to help his students out. He has a wealth of experience in the Classics which made me appreciate the Vergil and Horace we read much more than I had before. Prof. Folch also has a good sense of humor and is not adverse to telling a funny anecdote during class.The class itself was organized a little haphazardly. We supposedly had scansion and vocab quizzes but they kept getting pushed back and moved around so no one was ever really sure when they were. A lot of our grade was based on participation, so raising your hand to translate is a good idea, but it was impossible for everyone to do so given the time-constraints of the course and the number of people in it (everyone from freshmen to postbacs and beyond). As a result, I'm not sure how grades were calculated but I ended up doing fine. Long story short, take a Classics course with this guy (can't speak to his CC skill). Your Latin will improve and you won't regret it.