Intro to German Literature

Aug 2005

i sometimes dreaded the class because the readings weren't fun. but no one can deny Dorothea's brilliance. yes- she's strict- but only because she wants to maintain an academic environment and not allow class to turn into coffee hour. she'll invite you to coffee, wine, cake at her place. i would take her class again

Jan 2005

Prof. von Muecke is at times very severe and quite strict (no eating in class, no late assignments, usw), but one of the most intelligent teachers I have met at Columbia/Barnard. She expects a lot of work and class discussions are painful when noone has done this, but the topics discussed are fascinating (when one is interested in literature and literary theory.) She is personally very nice: responsive to personal questions and quite willing to alter the course to better fit the students. A very engaging teacher.

Jan 2004

There was certainly the high expectation of intense preparation for each class, which she aptly called seminars. The syllabus was packed, but each of the the carefully selected readings was examined through a rich class discussion, so I never felt like I was wasting my time with time-consuming preparation for each seminar. It was tough for some of the less-fluent speakers to follow some of the abstract ideas being covered, but there was such a volume of discussion being had in each seminar that sooner or later a subject that everyone could understand was bound to come up. I admire her dedication to her profession, which showed every time class ran 20 minutes overtime (Be prepared, that's pretty much every time.), and trust me, she is more than charming enough to get away with it.

Dec 2003

Prof von Mucke is a wonderfully sweet lady who is intelligent and caring at the same time. Although she had a tendency to speak very fast, she was willing to slow down for some of the students who were less fluent and even explicate some vocab and idioms. The material was interesting and challenging but she made it accessible. She's also quite demanding in terms of the amount of work we put into this class (she expects at least four hours a session??) but if you do that, you end up getting a lot out of it. Prof von Mucke is absolutely brilliant and not condescending at all, we felt very comfortable posing questions and stating comments at any time. She invited us over to her house for strudel and cider, and really tried to get to know us personally by making us go to one of her office hours. All in all, highly recommended--she's awesome!

Jan 2003

This class is an excellent transition to literature classes for students coming out of V1202 (2 years of German). Prof. Barry chose to focus on the theme of sensory perception (Auge und Ohr im Text) in order to give some continuity to the readings, which range from ten-line poems to twenty-page stories, and from Goethe to Musil. Prof. Barry was encouraging and supportive as she helped students both to analyze the literature and to develop the ability to express their thoughts about literature in German.