Shakespeare Seminar

Apr 2003

Professor Howard is by far the best teacher I've had in the department. Perhaps she is less good as a lecturer; nonetheless, I find her dedicated, intelligent, organized, cunning, masterful--in short, irresistible.

Mar 2003

Unbelievable professor. I probably learned more in this seminar than in any other class at Columbia. She can be pretty harsh, but it's always constructive criticism. Professor Howard is a fantastic seminar leader, weaving seemingly random students' comments into a coherent discussion of the works. The reading list is cleverly constructed, mixing in Shakespeare with his contemporaries, making for some fascinating contrasts and really interesting class discussion. This was probably the first English seminar I've taken without a clear, obvious ass-clown.

Jan 2003

TAKE THIS CLASS! Professor Howard is not only a wonderful professor but a wonderful woman. I can't say enough. If you want to work hard and learn a TON about Shakespeare and his contemporaries, you MUST take this course. She's amazing.