Architectural Representation: Perception

Apr 2021

"Less is more" is a phrase from Mies van der Rohe about how minimalist architecture achieves more by stripping away the decoration and flourishes that other styles might use. Well for Miku, "more is more," which basically means you'll end up doing a lot more work than you could have because one day he took a look at your project during a desk crit and said "hmmm... I wonder if it would be interesting if you had BOTH a Rhino model AND a physical model for the final review tomorrow." I mean, what are you supposed to do in that situation?? NOT make both even though he pretty much told you to but not really?? Dude also wears a black sweater every single day, like a TRUE architect.

Jan 2009

If you ever have to take a studio at Barnard, please avoid Maria, she is the worst professor ever, u just don't learn a thing in her class, she is a waste of time, and there is always a conflict of ideas between her and the T.A. She gives confusing feedbacks, and worst of all, stab you in the back when times comes for crits, it almost seems like she forgets that she is the one who advised you to make such a design. I personally think she should not be teaching in this department, after taking perception with her, 6 out 16 in my classes dropped out of architecture.

Dec 2004

Madeline is definitely a character but she does know what she's talking about though sometimes there's a bit of a communication gap between her trying to convey what she wants to see and what we think she wants. The bottom the work no matter how bad (or how good) you think you are. If you do the work, you'll do fine in the class. Don't take Madeline too seriously either. She's not malicious and though sometimes she may seem abrupt, she really is just trying to get students to get over themselves and what limitations they think they have. She's supportive and helpful in critiques if you can manage to put forth the effort. There is an insane amount of work for this class but it's only as crazy as you let it get. Keep up on the work and complete what you can. Madeline is very accommodating if you just communicate with her.

Nov 2004

Yumi is very nice, but she is a horrible teacher. She definitely does not know how to teach a studio class. While the other classes were making beautiful models and learning the fundamentals of architecture (floor plans etc), my class had no instruction. Our final project was the biggest joke ever, basically, to make a hat. Yumi's english is not very good either, which makes things difficult.