Mesoamerican Encounters

Feb 2003

Allan Maca is best teacher I have encountered. Even if you have no previous experience with archeology, anthropology or mesoamerica he makes the information accessible and interesting. Going to class never felt like a waste of my time. He is extremely helpful and willing to work with students during office hours. If you can fit one of his classes into your schedule, do it! You won't regret it.

Jan 2003

Allan is really great! The topic of the course seemed a bit daunting, spanning the history of Mexico and Central America from about 8BC to today (or the most recent newpaper article he can find), but Allan made it really accessible using slides and good readings. What I liked most about this class was the discussion, everyone offered up their opinion and Allan definitly helped us figure things out when were were confused. The course is really interesting, and ranges from archaeological concepts to political and economic situations in Central America and Mexico. Perfect for the Latin American studies student or an anthropologist. Or anyone who wants a cool professor and a really engaging class. Don't miss out.