Microeconomics and Policy Analysis

Dec 2006

Apparently, this was his first time teaching since getting his Ph.D. and leaving the private sector. An extremely nice man, very genuine, and really wants the students to get it. Having said that, he needs a lot of work. Granted, it was a large class of 50, but he never really grasped how far behind him we were. The mid-term results were a shock for him and the students. The second half of the semester was much improved: let's hope the trend continues.

Oct 2005

I should start by saying that this course is MANDATORY for first year MPA students at SIPA. Fillipo is a wonder Professor, intelligent, witty, and even funny at times. However, don't be fooled by his kindness. He gives extremely difficult homework and midterms!!! The course is devised for students not to fail, 2 lectures, a lab taught by very intelligent TA's and math labs to help students with High School Algebra calculations. The problem with the course you ask: it is extremely rigid and fast paced, miss a class and you miss what seems like the entire semester. Before the course begins be sure to extensivly go over prior econ notes, and look over the book. It is helpful to find group members as soon as possible-not so much for homework help but to reduce the stress of finding partners days before group projects are due. One last criticism: the PA's that check the homework only mark with a check plus, check or check minus. No comments are made on what to look over or improve on. Leaving the student pondering where they went wrong.

Feb 2003

This is one of the best classes I have taken! Professor Dehejia is the master of dry witticism. As soon as you tune into his sense of humor, the class is really fun. And of course the material is really useful. He does a good job of always linking the material back to real world policy issues, which after all is the whole point of the course. This is a professor who really cares about the quality of his class and enjoys lecturing. He is great at answering questions, and fostering class discussions. He is a really nice guy (where are those suits tailored? where does he get those ties?), and is a lot of fun. This is absolutely the section to take!