Intermediate Conversation

Nov 2004

David is young, energetic, knowledgable, and unbearably hip. He obviously loves to teach and loves engaging every student, and since its a conversation class, you HAVE to participate. Even if you show up at his class hung over, with two midterms looming over your head, and you just found out that your significant other cheated on you with your best friend, it would be near impossible not to crack a smile during his class. He loves to be the actor and bring humor to every discussion. Oh yeah, and there will inevitably be a gaggle of girls in the class swooning over his tousled hair and French charm. No one else but David could pull off a crushed blue velvet jacket with YSL jeans and pink sneakers.

May 2004

She is a young, fun, funny woman, and you'll enjoy her class. She may be slightly disorganized, but it doesn't matter--what matters is that she gives all students, regardless of speaking ability, numerous opportunities to improve their oral skills by means of fun group activities, such as skits and mock interviews. She also tries to get students to write, read aloud, and learn tricky grammatical concepts. It's a good class, the grading is fair, and it'll be a fun way to earn 2 points. Definitely recommended.

Mar 2003

He's so funny and entertaining that a lot of the time the hour will fly by. He does stuff like "Soapboxes" where you get to stand up and lament about your problems. In presentations, he's generous about not having all the words memorized, but wants the presentors to be entertaining. He loves opera.