Gchem I

Dec 2004

Prof. Doerrer is the sweetest women ever. She teaches classes fairly well and comes to learn everyone in her class by their first name (impressive). She is also very helpful in office hours for extra help. However sometimes material is not covered very well in class and the tests can be unreasonable.

Mar 2003

Althought Professor Chapman knows her materials very well, but is not a very understanding professor. She gave me and my friends a grade that is lower than we deserved and all of us found it no point and hopeless to go and talk to her about it because we know that she is not going to do anything to change it anyway, but just to humiliate you. Agree with this other review on the web: This class is HIGHLY UN-recommended! Sally Chapman is a very quick-moving professor who expects all students to put her class at first and only priority among other classes. She is VERY strict on non-academic aspects of the class, which really takes away from the material in itself. PREMED STUDENTS AT BARNARD: Take Chemistry at Columbia!!! This class was my worst experience at Barnard and I strongly do not suggest it. She may know her material, but I felt that it really impeded my learning of the subject because I disliked her as a professor so much.