French and Francophone Studies

May 2011

Good professor overall! Fairly new, I think, but I’m betting that he will only get better and better. I took French and Francophone Studies I with him, and it was a good class. He lectures a lot, but presents information clearly and definitely helps you understand the texts studied. He's also very helpful and available to help edit papers, etc. I think next time he’s teaching French and Francophone Studies II, which is a different class, but it will probably be a similar set up and he’s definitely a good teacher anyway.

Jan 2007

Emmanuelle is a great teacher, and I'm very glad that I took this class with her. She knows everything there is to know about French colonialism, and the class itself can be entertaining. I believe she graded fairly and is not one of those professors who refuses to give As on first drafts. Just be sure to do the readings as she will sometimes single a person out to have him/her participate.

Nov 2003

Kaiama reaches areas other professors don't reach. Her whole mannerism suggests that we have in her a star in the waiting. It's like Josephine Baker started to work at Columbia. Her teaching is effortless, her behaviour toward students sharp and fair. I think I'll sign up next year again...

Apr 2003

Not only is she brilliant, she is simply the best-looking professor I've ever had at Columbia. This prof is gorgeous and dresses extremely well too. She'll def keep you awake.