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Mar 2013

If you're not sure about taking this class: There are only two kinds of people at Columbia. Those who have spent a semester with Roma and those who haven't. If you don't have a serious case of FOMO yet, develop one (no pun intended). Fast. Before it's too late. It's not about being a great photographer or knowing anything about cameras. It's about recognizing your own inhibitions and then violently murdering them. If you do it right, you'll never be the same. Don't be afraid! Go towards the light. Practical advice : - If you've never studied photography or looked at a photograph before that's more than fine, that might even be better, but learn the name of at least one photographer before the first day. - If you don't get into the class, keep showing up, he'll probably let you in eventually. - The TAs do 100% of the grading, get to know them. - Don't throw anything away. You're going to need your contact sheets and workprints for the end of the semester. This class is not for: - People who need to know what grade they are getting before grades are released after the semester - Anyone who doesn't have a sense of humor - Anyone who hates music and/or poetry

Mar 2003

Being an artist isn't easy & Tom Roma, thank G-d does not pull any punches. He is brutally honest but his vehement critiques are actually manifestations of passion & love. It may take you a while to see it that way --as your ego may be bruised along the way-- but if take his class and you will.