Structural Analysis

Dec 2017

Professor Feng was a great Structural Analysis Professor. While class material especially in the beginning is mostly a breeze, she too keeps the material straightfoward and clear. Most people tended to complain on her clarity but if you actually pay attention, you'll likely agree that she a great teacher. Tests on fundamentals rather than tedious calcs like some other Professors. Very nice to her students in class and in person and very nice curve.

Aug 2012

The way Testa teaches this class is a huge improvement over how he teaches Mechanics. He is more organized, speaks directly to the class instead of sitting down and writing on the projector, and actually tries to help the students understand the material. The course itself is not very hard and just reinforces and expands upon a lot of what you learn in Mechanics of Solids. You have to take it for the major, but it is definitely less painful than some of the other required classes.

Apr 2003

A great professor in all respects. His notes are very clear, he is very much in charge of every lecture, and makes the material stick in your mind. Very humane: wouldn't give the midterm the Monday after spring break "because it wouldn't be a real vacation." Suggest plenty of good outside reading and relevant museum lectures, if you're into that kind of thing. There really is nothing to critisize! Prof. Deodatis is not merely approacheable, he seems eager to help you any time anything isn't clear. You would have to put effort in being confused about the material after he has explained it to you.