Latin Literature: Prose

Apr 2005

She is absolutely ridiculous. I am currently taking Professor Milnor's prose class (for the record, Milnor is FABULOUS) so I only have the joy of seeing Susanna once a week for Friday section, but those 50 minutes are far too much. She manages to make even the simplest grammar points extremely confusing. She is also just unpleasant and really hasn't figured out how to best communicate with us as human beings. I cannot stand this woman. She's not particularly difficult, but she manages to annoy me to the point where every Friday when I walk out of that class I feel the need to hit someone or break something. She's the worst.

Jun 2004

Do not take a class with this PHD student, even though the class is a 1000 level class, she treats it like a 3000 level class. I took the class as a senior and while I had done quite well in Latin Poetry with another teacher, I struggled to pass this class. Beware, she will make you feel stupid and do much more work than should be necessary for this type of class!!!!!

Apr 2003

This is what Latin is all about: enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge. And it's all embodied in Professor Milnor: she is hilarious, interesting, enthusiastic, completely friendly to students, accessible outside of class, and friendly when your translation needs some help. She doesn't yell "wrong!" when you're off the mark with translation or analysis, but says "ooooookay" and helps you out. I would chose Professor Milnor for all my latin classes if I could.

Dec 2001

Professor Williams is a brilliant man. He is possibly one of the few people in the world that may be called a "Latin scholar." This guy knows Latin as if it were his first language. He also speaks with a very cool British accent. An internationally known expert on Ovid, Williams called for parts of Cicero's "Pro Caelio" speech and parts of Apuleius' "Cupid & Psyche." He emphasizes grammar heavily, with weekly quizzes to check that you have an absolute mastery of the logic needed to translate such difficult works (ESPECIALLY the Cicero!). Beware, however, that the Cicero will scare you off at first. Keep at it and devote quality time to its translation and you will be amazed at your increase in Latin prowess. Williams is a very understanding man, but also expects that you spend time with the assigned Latin. Class was filled with undergraduate and graduate students as well as an MD.